Redemption Story


Kira and Iris

Paperback available from Amazon

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“Women don’t roam the streets like urchins, they go home.”



Feminal Flux

Currently Querying: Feminal Flux

“Sometimes the best prayer is just a cry into the darkness.”

-Sister Teresa


A fifty year old married man and father of one dies suddenly and after finds his consciousness embedded in a fifteen year old transgender boy who struggles to stay alive while battling mental illness that includes suicidal ideation. Zach makes sense of what has happened in bits until he finds his host has an identical twin sister and lives in a middle class home nestled in the same neighborhood as his previous home. The panic and confusion is quickly under control due to the relationship with the twin sister Ingrid and mother Gretchen.

Currently Querying: The Rules

“Hate and love are two sides of the same coin.”


Playlist for The Rules…

Young Zach finds himself trapped in a supernatural situation set in the tangible world, where he is confounded by special ability to heal the sick, which he cannot talk about with anyone except his lifelong friend Brian. As the duo navigate their love lives and adulthood they encounter pitfalls within Zach’s ability that causes conflict with his hopes and plans for the future; pitfalls known as the rules. All of the rules are helpful by some unknown design, except one rule which is lethal for the people Zach loves.


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